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Mon - 30 Aug 2021

To sewing a sustainable future and looking fabulous doing it

As we navigate the constant ebb and flow of the fashion industry, we begin to wonder: how do I actually curate a wardrobe that doesn’t just speak to my personal aesthetic, but also responds to my environment and the impact of my purchases?

Who are the brands we can turn to and trust that they are reflecting our love for the planet through every aspect of their operations?

Recently, we have discovered and quickly developed an adoration for the brand, THEMOIRè. The first thing we noticed were the incredible fabrics and textures they play with, from cork, paper and cactus leather the options seemed endless. Suddenly, the world of sustainable accessories seemed a lot more interesting. We had no idea you could make a material resembling leather from a Cactus plant, a plant that is a natural carbon reservoir and vital to our ecosystem. But don’t worry the bags are made from mature leaves from the plant and our Cacti remain in safe hands. Each bag has a story, but my eyes are on the Bios Weaved Clutch Bags, hand-woven to perfection, it feels like true luxury.

All the materials THEMOIRè use are recycled, biodegradable and safe for the environment. However, they have a vision far bigger than just creating bags that no longer harm our environment. THEMOIRè wants to help our environment. One of the incredible initiatives they have in place is the THEMOIRè FOREST. We visited their forest online here and we’ll be honest it’s a pleasure to see a company go above and beyond to give back to the environment that has given so much to us.

We can’t wait to see what THEMOIRè’s next collections might have in store for us! It keeps getting better and on that note, I’m adding the Bios Weaved Clutch to my cart before the dreaded words ‘Sold Out’ flash across my screen.

Shop Themoire here.