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Mon - 07 Sep 2020

B2B Meets Candice Fragis

B2B Media Meets Farfetch Buying Director, Candice Fragis.

candice fragis b2b meets
At Farfetch I lead the buying, merchandising and visual merchandising teams across men’s, women’s & kids. Unlike traditional buying roles, we work with our partner brands and boutiques to identify opportunities in the overall product selection to ensure that Farfetch is first to market with the best offering for our customers. How did you get started in the industry? 
I spent most of my holidays during university doing work experience at fashion companies from magazines and newspapers to wholesalers, manufacturers and PR agencies. It helped me make some good contacts which then led to my first role at a fashion PR company in the samples room.
How did you get the job you have now?
I was approached by my current boss, after we met at a dinner during Paris Fashion Week. I was probing him about Farfetch all night, so I guess he already knew I was interested in the business. What does a typical day in your work life look like?   
There is really no such thing as a typical day in my work life. I split my time between the office, designer showrooms, fashion weeks and markets around the world. Not to mention being on a plane or sitting in traffic A LOT!

Candice Fragis farfetch
What’s the most memorable moment in your career thus far? 
My first Alexander McQueen show in Paris. It was Widows of Culloden AW 2006 with the hologram of Kate Moss in a glass pyramid – I was completely blown away. Most glamorous moment in your career so far? 
Having Grace Coddington hold a taxi door open for me in the pouring rain in NYC – she obviously had no idea who I was but it was a total moment for me. Least glamorous moment in your career so far?
There really are so many I am struggling to narrow it down but probably being put up in a totally empty Motel, in an industrial estate, outside Nice, during a torrential storm, stands out as one of those moments.

What do you wish more people understood about your job? 
That being in buying is not shopping. You absolutely have to have an eye and be passionate about product but more so, it’s about understanding the customer, managing budgets and being responsible for a return on that businesses investment.

What type of person thrives at  FARFETCH?
  Someone who is energetic, passionate about innovation and adaptable to change. A go getter who is a team player and is prepared to get their hands dirty What would you tell someone who wants to be like you when they grow up? 
Don’t get caught up in the idea and lustre of the fashion world. Work hard, be kind to people and to yourself and be patient – things come full circle and all experience is good experience.

If in some Freaky-Friday like situation, you could live the life of another fashion industry insider for a day, who would it be and why? 

Rei Kawakubo – as such a prolific creative, she sees the world completely differently, is so talented and also very private so it would be quite an extraordinary experience.

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